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UK Pilots ‘Personal Travel Assistant’ Ecosystem

A unique transport network big data collaboration is set to ease congestion and help put the UK economy on the right track.

Brits will be amongst the first in the world to get chance to try out the latest Internet and personal information management technology, tailored to their travel needs.

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Rolling Out A ‘Hub-of-All-Things’

Original article published on Hub of All Things.

Enable iD was established a year ago to exploit Hub-of-All-Things (HAT) research, a unique approach to personal data management developed by the UK’s leading Universities. HAT makes sense of our personal data, in order to save us time, money and improve our lives whilst preserving and even increasing the value of our privacy.

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Smart Citizenship (Through The #IoT)

The Rationale For HAT Enabled Personal Data Management

HAT Enabled Citizenship: The Hub-of-All-Things (HAT) is an open-source database schema designed to integrate IoT applications and data silos to help amplify human cognition. It compliments IoT protocols such as HyperCat, providing a standardised logical data model and easily integrated technology layer, which support the combination and secure management of product and personal data sets to create a Personal Data Store (PDS) for each individual. In addition the HAT is an intuitive decisioning engine. It transforms the explosion of information generated by Internet of Things devices, connected environments and so called ‘smart cities’, to help people become ‘smarter citizens’, extending our digital identity with automated recall, increased computation ability and contextualised communication preferences.

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Data, Identity & HATs With Brands On

Turning The Tide On Personal Identity Hacking

Brands that empower consumers to openly access and use data related to their products and services will gain a competitive advantage in their market. Why? Because it is the context, the when, where and how we use a product that allows us to truly buy into its benefits.

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Has #IoT Got Vertigo?

‘Wearable tech’ is one of many verticals enabled by the Internet of Things. But it isn’t an i-watch that will bring about revolution, Apple or otherwise.

Rather a much more illusive ‘i’; an i-word responsible for Globalisation, the World Wide Web getting a little too personal and for how technology can change human behaviour.

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Thinking and Designing In The Meta

Originally published on Hub of All Things. (Img. Igor Bulgarin, Shutterstock)

It’s 0527am and I’m awake. And exhausted. The mind has been working all night trying to come up with solutions for the design of views on the HAT that would help a user to be creative with his/her own data. A long meeting with the tech team yesterday has basically got some of the technical stuff down, so that the data that comes onto the HAT has the greatest agility to be shaped into different uses.

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