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Smart Citizenship (Through The #IoT)

The Rationale For HAT Enabled Personal Data Management

HAT Enabled Citizenship: The Hub-of-All-Things (HAT) is an open-source database schema designed to integrate IoT applications and data silos to help amplify human cognition. It compliments IoT protocols such as HyperCat, providing a standardised logical data model and easily integrated technology layer, which support the combination and secure management of product and personal data sets to create a Personal Data Store (PDS) for each individual. In addition the HAT is an intuitive decisioning engine. It transforms the explosion of information generated by Internet of Things devices, connected environments and so called ‘smart cities’, to help people become ‘smarter citizens’, extending our digital identity with automated recall, increased computation ability and contextualised communication preferences.

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Has #IoT Got Vertigo?

‘Wearable tech’ is one of many verticals enabled by the Internet of Things. But it isn’t an i-watch that will bring about revolution, Apple or otherwise.

Rather a much more illusive ‘i’; an i-word responsible for Globalisation, the World Wide Web getting a little too personal and for how technology can change human behaviour.

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