Blockchain or Ai

Neither… Our ‘consent matrix’ technology reduces the complexity of managing data privacy and systems integration. There’s nothing artificial about it.

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Enabling Integrated Ecosystems

That exchange information based on informed consent

You. Smart. Thing. helps organisations capitalise on the full potential of the internet by empowering people to securely capture, combine and transform data into actionable insight. We focus on unblocking bottlenecks to information flow by building consent-driven ‘personal assistants’ that yield value exchange across supply-chains.

Benefits to Manufacturers

  • Increased product value
  • Exposure in horizontal markets
  • New revenue streams from manufacturer’s share of data exploitation

Benefits to Customers

  • Accurate, relevant information, delivered on an ‘opt-in’ basis:
    • Only when required
    • Based on life/work preferences

Benefits to Services

  • Better service delivery through supply based on qualified customer requirements
  • Active corporate social responsibility for personal data management

Our Products

And their building blocks

A scalable deployment model, designed to reduce capital outlay and drive return on investment: