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#IoT project management and on-site engineering support

We are seeking a supplier to provide project management and engineering support for a regional pilots of a smart city IoT deployment.

Our intelligent mobility programme focuses on data-transit capacity and network latency affecting the provision of safe, secure transport to venues and events. Primary objectives are to realise a 5G-enabled ‘Travel Assistant’ that will: deliver rail and road travel demand data to service providers and service users to enable better informed decision making; improve transport network integration between modes and destinations, particularly those that cause volume spikes and congestion; and to increase the UK’s capacity to manage transport service delivery, helping to catalyse socio-economic benefits whilst inspiring audiences with robust, engaging, safety critical real-time guidance based on their proximity to venues, events and points of interest.

This activity forms part of the Coventry & Warwickshire Innovation Programme which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Coventry will provide a dynamic testbed for the project.

KPIs will be measured using Rail Safety Standards Board and DfT WebTAG models to validate the capability of the 5G-enabled service to:

  • advance customer engagement and service-user experience beyond the current state-of-the-art;
  • monetise data on people’s travel intent, showing demand for rail, metropolitan and strategic road network use, highlighting potential spikes in traffic;
  • increase available data showing demand for parking at stations;
  • catalyse transport network optimisation, including multi-modal service operator yield and highways integration via Regional Transport Control Centre’s
  • drive subscriptions to West Midlands’ ‘SWIFT’ account-based ticketing service

Project Management Partner Selection Criteria

The successful project management partner will:

  • Have demonstrable experience and project references (25%)
  • Be familiar with the following YST technology stack components: Microsoft, Linux, Docker; Apache, NGINX, Mongo Db and Gravitee (25%)
  • Have good local knowledge, inc. experience of working with regional funding partners (25%)
  • Offer a flexible commercial model & pricing (25%)

Contract term: 12m with monthly performance review/break clauses

Budget: up to £50,000

Timescale: Appointment August 2019

Procurement Process: Please submit supplier credentials including:

  • Your proposed project management approach
  • Your delivery Method & Proposed Service Level Agreement
  • Your relevant experience / track record

Critically, your organisation must:

  • Hold recognised information security and quality assurance certifications
  • Have all relevant insurances
  • Have at least a 5-year trading history
  • Be able to demonstrate the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  • Be happy to discuss opportunities under a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Next Steps

Please submit an initial summary response to by 17:00, 19 July. We will respond within 7 days to discuss any clarifying questions and to confirm whether your organisation has been shortlisted for interview, following which we will select a preferred supplier move to contact.  We look forward to hearing from you.