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Delivering tailored innovation support for regional SMEs

“For every organisation and citizen across the UK to realise the full potential, benefits and value of big data, it’s vital we raise understanding and awareness of what big data is and where the opportunities lie.” 
Sue Daley, Head of Programme for Big Data, Cloud & Mobile, TechUK

Data is driving the UK’s digital economy. TechUK predicts £241 billion in UK economic growth and 157,000 new jobs by 2020 due to ‘Big Data’. Enable iD is proud to be working with colleagues from across the West Midlands Combined Authority region to accelerate UK market share in the global digital economy. If you are a Midlands-based SME, you could benefit from the ERDF backed ‘Big Data Corridor’ programme. Here’s how you can get involved and help tailor the available support to your business:

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