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WMCA ‘Mobility as a Service’ Requirements Workshop

Tue 6 February 2018, 09:30 – 13:00 GMT, @ iCentrum, Birmingham B7 4BP


What is it?

West Midlands Combined Authority, together with technology partner, Enable, and Chiltern Railways operator, Arriva UK Trains, has secured Innovate UK funding to improve Transport for West Midlands’ infrastructure, to better support visitors to large venues and events. This workshop is being held in order to consult regional stakeholders about their requirements.

Why is it needed?

The 2-year programme, tagged ‘MyJrny 4 MaaS’, will explore a shared-economy model for UK Government to deliver its vision of a smarter and more integrated transport systems infrastructure, in order to cope with the demands of growing populations and trends in urbanisation. The programme’s specific focus is on the frequent ‘use-case’ of managing increased demand on transport systems when large groups of people are travelling to and from venues (including office buildings) or events, often struggling to cope with unscheduled disruption or disruption caused by on-going building construction projects.

What will the programme deliver?

The £1.4m project, which runs through to 2020, will deliver the technology infrastructure and information management platform for service providers to offer personal travel forecasts, alongside tailored ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ (MaaS) travel options for visitors to participating venues and events.

What will the workshop cover?

The ‘Improving Transport for Venues and Events’ workshop has been designed to capture visitor, venue and event management requirements in relation to the following project objectives:

  • To catalyse a shift away from default single driver car journeys whilst optimising car park management and revenues;
  • To manage customer engagement increase satisfaction with regional transport services that supply large venues and events;
  • To improve the operational efficiency of running and managing door-to-door transport services that supply large venues and events
  • To generate or enhance revenue streams for regional transport operators, venues, events and associated service providers

Who should attend?

Senior management, commercial, facilities, marketing and communications and technical services managers of venues or events with a capacity of over 1000.

What will our organisation get out of it?

First mover advantage: You’ll be invited contribute to and take advantage of a service designed to guide visitors to and from your venues or events by the most efficient route and means possible, ‘optimising’ patronage, revenue and customer experience.


  • 09:30am Arrival and registration
  • 09:40am Introductions around the room
  • 10:00am Overview of the IUK MyJrny 4 MaaS programme
  • 10:20am Question and answer session
  • 10:45am Refreshments break followed by group feedback sessions
  • 11:00am Key challenges in managing transport for venues and events
  • 11:30am Potential transport information, operator and infrastructure solutions
  • 12:00pm Question and answer session and next steps
  • 12:30pm Workshop concludes with a networking lunch


Holt Street
Birmingham Science Park Aston
B7 4BP