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‘In-situ’ and ‘En-route’ Travel Advice for Audiences

YST is currently helping to restart the cultural sector by working with destinations and events to deploy our UK government backed ‘Travel Assistant’.

The cloud-based service, easily embedded in websites and social media, enables the delivery of bespoke routes to events, improves venue accessibility, keeps potential visitors updated and gives them the confidence to attend.

The Travel Assistant provides a creative and engaging way of helping to ensure public safety and manage best-practice in respect of social distancing, whilst providing visitors with the assurance of an enjoyable overall experience. It can ration trips to venues by different transport modes and deliver detailed real-time and forecast travel demand by event. This information allows for advance planning, staff management and risk mitigation. The service complements all major ticket retail platforms, effectively delivering bespoke advice to visitors in-situ and en-route based on their circumstances, travel preferences and location.

Example ‘Out-of-the-box’ Configuration: Symphony Hall, Birmingham

By embedding the Travel Assistant into existing customer touchpoints, websites and booking flows, you can offer up-to-date personalised travel advice, improving visitor experience and driving repeat visits.

Like Google Maps, the Travel Assistant is easy to add to a website, social media post or mobile app. Unlike Google, it offers destination and transport operators a valuable ‘travel forecast’ of people’s intended travel plans, enabling demand management alongside real-time messaging.

Based on pre-defined business rules, or in collaboration with local transport authorities and transport operators, the platform offers the capability to design bespoke routing that ensures safe and timely arrival and departure, whilst optimising regional transport network capacity and venue accessibility.

Personalisation increases engagement by 20% and doubles conversions.

The Travel Assistant generates a personalised travel plan describing how to arrive at the location on the day of the event. Travel plans are based on visitors’ needs and all known transport network events, e.g. planned roadworks. Each plan is updated if new network events come to light, in advance of departure and en-route. Visitors are kept informed via email, SMS or integration with the licensees’ booking system.

Ticket Retail + Integrated Travel

Our bespoke enterprise deployment options enable venues and promotors to offer sofa-to-seat ‘customer-journeys’ that boost conversion, visitor insight, revenues and repeat bookings.

Streamlined ‘customer-journeys’ that boost conversion, visitor insight, revenues and repeat bookings

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