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The Travel Assistant from You. Smart. Thing.

This week, YST’s CEO Chris Thompson demonstrated the unique capabilities of our Travel Assistant service to members of the MaaS Scotland special interest group at Technology Scotland.

Despite being held online the event was standing room only; a synopsis can be read on the Technology Scotland blog by ‘clicking here.’

Chris showed how the Travel Assistant can facilitate safer travel during the recovery, particularly as transport networks will be challenged when operators attempt to match supply with demand, whilst simultaneously ensuring people can travel safely.

Transport network stakeholders can manage infrastructure and servcies proactively by optimising for social-distancing, receiving travel demand forecasts, influencing modes of travel used, predicting congestion, re-routing in real-time, adding or removing capacity, and generating rich data for a holistic insight.

In turn, Travel Assistant users can select safe, sustainable, less crowded journey options in accordance with their travel preferences, get personalised travel plans, and receive dynamic route updates. The service is free-to-use, simple-to-access, secure, and endorsed by trusted regional operators.

As a cloud-based service the Travel Assistant is quick and inexpensive to deploy. Whilst it is a light ‘backwards compatible’ technology, there is no requirement for it to sit on incumbent IT infrastructure or legacy systems; a link is communicated to travellers via social media, text, email, or a widget embedded on relevant websites.

The Travel Assistant can be uniquely configured with bespoke routes, destinations and even specific events. In additional to regional and national transport services it supports local on-demand, bike-share and micro-mobility initiatives.

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