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A Technology Project Manager at Enable iD…

A bit about me, joining the company and what I do here at Enable.

Since finishing school, I had placed myself in the family business which in turn had worked out well. However, a year on I came to the conclusion I had to expand my career prospects and figured joining the local college could aid in this conclusion. I started off enrolling myself onto an IT practitioners course where at this point I had very little knowledge on the vast subject, however, upon finishing the course with great marks my views on IT and the technology sector had grown phenomenally, so much so that I carried on my education through an IT based apprenticeship.

Throughout this apprenticeship, predominantly supporting IT systems in primary education, I gained real-life experience and was faced with the troubles almost every IT technician comes across at some point during their career. I also built great interpersonal skills, which help to keep a smile on my face! After a year had gone by my curiosity in other segments of IT had expanded greatly. I had to make a decision – remain an IT technician or explore the expanding world of IT.

With the previous apprenticeship coming to an end, I was invited to interview at Enable iD, where both the reception and senior staff warmly greeted me. During my interview process, I was educated on the company with their current projects and future plans, and how a huge part of my potential role would be based on the focus of IoT (Internet of Things), at this point I knew this was an opportunity I would most definitely wish to pursue and show off my greatest talents.

Upon discovering I was successfully chosen and had secured myself the position of a apprentice Technology Project Manager, I knew this is where I could really start to grow!

On my first day at the company I was again pleasantly welcomed, by Chris (Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Enable iD) who showed me around the incredibly designed offices and introduced me to Enable’s enthusiastic and highly skilled team. I was then shown to my new work-station, where a MacBook Pro accompanied by a bottle of champagne awaited.

Chris and the team have been hugely supportive and explained all my new tasks in great depth. I’m now collaborating on four multi-stakeholder product development programmes and have gained a detailed understanding of what type of ongoing tasks await me – from the administrative side of project management and communications, through to software and IoT network deployment and management. I’m thoroughly enjoying being educated in these projects, getting a fascinating insight into how our hardware and software capability is implemented, to deliver real-time transport network monitoring that enables personalised ‘intelligent mobility ’.

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to continue learning as part of the team here at Enable iD.