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Above & Beyond Promote Sustainable Travel to Anjunabeach Brighton

Electronic music trio, Above & Beyond, took direct climate action by providing personalised low-carbon travel plans to fans attending their 2023 Anjunabeach Brighton show at On The Beach.

Demonstrating ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, Above & Beyond, Grammy-nominated artists and owners of music labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, recognise audience travel is amongst the most significant contributors to their carbon footprint. Above & Beyond’s team at Anjunabeats, along with On The Beach organisers Louder, partnered ecolibrium’s partner for 2023-24, travel management platform ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ to curate low-carbon routes to the festival.



Ticket holders were offered sustainable travel options promoting walking and cycling from public transport interchanges outside the town, combined with bike hire options from Brighton & Hove’s cycle hire scheme. Tailored driving options were provided for fans that wanted to carshare, and the travel assistant service also included EV routing, combining en-route charging and nearby parking options.

Personal travel plans were sent to ticket holders leading up to the festival. 79% used the travel assistant to plan their trip. 80% of fans that used the system selected public transport or active travel, and under 12% opted to drive.

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ calculated total emissions from Above & Beyond fans travelling to Anjunabeach Brighton at 208 CO2e tonnes, with 58% due to 2.5% of fans that planned flights. Average emissions per ticket holder were 27.7kg CO2e, 11.7kg excluding flights.

With events held around the world every year, Anjunabeats and the team at ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ are building on the audience engagement model deployed for Anjunabeach Brighton.

In addition to using its platform to plan ticket holders’ trips ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ aims to demonstrate the percentage who actually travelled by recommended low-carbon routes. This includes the integration of coach-on-demand services for longer distance journeys and sharing travel demand data with rail and bus operators in order to bring lower cost public transport to events.

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