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Complete the Urban Tourism 5.0 Survey!

Unlock Coventry’s hidden secrets with next-generation wayfinding

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ is launching Urban Tourism 5.0 – adding interactive content to our online travel planning platform, designed to incentivise people to plan their trip ahead of attending venues and events. Click this link to check out the service and complete a short surrey in return for a Costa Coffee voucher.

Content-Enhanced Wayfinding

Urban Tourism 5.0 delivers content-enhanced wayfinding using rich media and augmented reality hotspots. The interactive experiences can be launched directly from the ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ platform by clicking on the camera icon, which indicates a content hotspot.

Hotspots include cultural information, fun facts, images of places to visit and points of interest. The majority of the content can be accessed from anywhere, whilst planning a trip or en-route, but, specially commissioned augmented reality experiences are ‘geofenced’, meaning you have to be at a specific location to unlock them. Think Pokémon meets Lonely Planet!

The team behind the innovation, part-funded by the UK’s first region-wide 5G testbed, West Midlands 5G (WM5G), is ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ (YST), creative and cultural storytellers, Imagemakers, geo-content distribution platform, Landmrk, and digital media arts collective, MeYouAndUs. Urban Tourism 5.0 is expected to encourage people to plan trips to venues and events by enhancing visitors’ experiences with exclusive content and tailored wayfinding, not available on other platforms.

“It helps us promote active and sustainable travel choices”, explains ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ CEO, Chris Thompson, “by making the whole experience of out-of-home entertainment as much about the trip as the final destination, adding excitement en-route and delivering a fantastic sense of arrival.”

The bi-product of this enhanced interaction is additional visitor information, that venues, events, transport operators and regional authorities can use to improve service delivery, and to monitor, influence and mitigate visitor travel impact of the environment.

The Urban Tourism 5.0 survey results will help inform plans to add interactive content for major global venues and events, concerts and festivals, including more augmented reality experiences, curated soundtracks and even short-form documentaries.

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