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Coventry Business Improvement District

A new Coventry Business Improvement District initiative in partnership with ‘You. Smart. Thing.’, to help boost recovery of the regional economy by promoting ‘Covid-conscious’ travel.

In readiness for the reopening of the region’s business premises, we are delighted to announce an exciting new initiative from Coventry BID and ‘You. Smart. Thing.’, to help boost recovery of the regional economy by promoting ‘Covid-conscious’ travel.

Visitors to BID businesses can now receive personalised door-to-door journey plans into Coventry, prompting active and sustainable travel choices.

To embed the Coventry BID Travel Assistant on your website:

  1. Click the ‘Share’ icon located at the bottom right of the Travel Assistant (featured below).
  2. Copy the embed code using the ‘Copy embed code’ button.
  3. Paste the embed code into the post or content section of your website where you want the Travel Assistant to appear.

You can also access the Travel Assistant directly here:

To feature a specific business premises you can pick from the following Travel Assistant configurations:–Customer_Service_Centre

As well as ensuring people can find the least crowded, best value public transport services, the new Travel Assistant will also identify the best way to move between key locations in the city. Even better, personalised journey plans are FREE for visitors to use.

Part-funded by the Coventry Innovation Programme, the ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ Travel Assistant platform powers the BID’s bespoke journey planning system, and, through us, it is also FREE for businesses of all types to use.

The Travel Assistant service is as easy to add to your website as it is to embed a YouTube video, enabling your customers to plan a safe, secure journey on their computer or smartphone with no app download required.

As soon as Coventry businesses are able to open, customers can be enjoying enhanced travel, with less disruption and delay, and making transport choices that are better for the environment. To see how the Travel Assistant works you can try it out at:

and on

To request additional support with embedding the Travel Assistant please email

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