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About EV Assist

EV Assist is a project funded by Innovate UK to accelerate the UK’s transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs). The project aims to support this acceleration by targeting known barriers to EV adoption and use across two key groups:

  • EV users: range anxiety, charge-point awareness (particularly on long-distance, destination-based trips), ChargePoint availability / bookability, multi-modal travel options
  • ChargePoint operators: maximising ChargePoint utilisation, maximising strategic ChargePoint rollouts based on insights into aggregated EV user journey plans.

The service is being developed and led by us at ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ and will be a web-based application that includes:

  1. ChargePoint reservations system for enabling EV users to reserve a specific charger for a specific time period
  2. A next generatipon travel planner for enabling EV users to plan routes to destination-based and en-route chargepoints
  3. Charging demand forecasts providing ChargePoint operators with insights into aggregated geo-temporal charging demand
  4. ‘Consent matrix’ technology enabling GDPR-compliant sharing of customer data between service providers.

For more information on GDPR-compliance and how your data will be processed please refer to:

2022 Trials

A trial of the software is planned for January 2022 and will help us to collect data around the following:

  • EV user journey experience
  • EV user planning time
  • EV user willingness to change route
  • EV user willingness to travel by EV (on long distance destination-based trips)
  • Utilisation rates of the charge point network
  • Charge point availability
  • Non-EV user willingness to buy/lease an EV
  • Return on investment for Charge Point Operators adopting the EV Assist system
  • The commercial value of the demand forecast data asset for CPOs

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ travel planning will work across the region, whilst the reservation feature will initially be piloted on 5 rapid charge points operated by ESB in Coventry.

About You Smart Thing

Project partner, ‘You. Smart. Thing.’, is an online travel assistant service that guides people to destinations the smart way; personalised, accessible and sustainable.

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