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Communities Can Now Easily Locate and Get to Food Hubs Using Personalised Travel Plans

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ have been working with Coventry City Council to ensure people using the food hubs facilities can now receive personalised door-to-door travel plans. 

Coventry City Council have set up a range of different food hubs across the city to help those in need, in this cost of living crisis.

To improve awareness of their locations and facilitate ease of travel to each hub, the council has used ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ to configure online travel assistants for each hub, accessible on desktop and mobile devices with nothing to download. People can schedule a visit and receive a free text message alerting them to any issues with local transport.

Generating Personalised Food Hub Travel Plans

Initially, residents can head to Food Hubs and select the hub they wish to visit. Coventry City Council will also make an online form available for those eligible to use the service. On completing the form, the system will automatically create a personalised door-to-door travel plan, using the recipients address and selected date of collection.

Screenshot: Whitley to Willenhall Food Hub

Coventry City Council Food Hub Travel assistant

As shown on the embedded travel assistant below, food hubs are pin pointed in the city and listed in the drop-down menu to the left.

Editors Notes

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About ‘You. Smart. Thing.’

The ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ travel assistant interface plugs into websites or smartphone apps, to offer pre-configured transport modes and routes that help manage people-flow and minimise overcrowding.

Curating their trip minimises visitors’ carbon footprint whilst enhancing their overall experience. Visitors receive email or SMS updates in the event of delays or disruption, and operational teams get granular GDPR-compliant information about who is coming, where from and how, creating a communication tool and valuable dataset for better informed decisions.

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ was developed in association with the Department for Transport and is currently being rolled out across the UK, helping to rebuild audiences and a thriving cultural economy by actively promoting sustainable travel to venues and events.

For information about ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ please visit

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